Based on the latest Government guidelines, it is anticipated, but by no means certain, that UK holidays will be able to start from 4th July.  We are therefore taking bookings from 4th July, but on the understanding that, as with all bookings so far this season, we may have to cancel them if the lockdown continues. If we need to cancel your booking then a full refund will, of course, be given.

Due to the social distancing rules/guidelines that will no doubt continue beyond 4th July, it is unknown if the site's club house, amusement arcade, cafe or swimming pool will be open - please bear this in mind when booking. These are all run by independent operators and are likely to face various challenges in complying with the requirements which may well affect their ability to operate.

The chalets will have additional cleaning/disinfecting of all main contact points, e.g. door handles, TV remotes, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, window handles etc and hand wash will be supplied in the kitchen and bathrooms. Each chalet has a wall mounted hand sanitiser dispenser fitted.

Our prices include the provision of bed linen and new t-towels, however if you prefer to bring your own, please let us know.

UPDATE 26th JUNE 2020

Last night the operators of Bermuda Pool announced that due to Covid-19 it would not be opening for the 2020 season, with swimming pools currently not being permitted to open. 
The operators of the pool have stated that they intend to open in 2021, Covid-19 permitting, from the end of March to the end of October.

UPDATE 30th JUNE 2020

Please note: We are currently unable to accept any bookings from any one with a Leicester Post Code.

UPDATE 1st JULY 2020

Today our chalets were 'fogged' with a special surface sanitiser scientifically proven to last 28 days.